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Club Level

Club Level

Arriving at the Club Level, you will be surprised and delighted by the excellent amenities, unparalleled by any traditional office tower facilities.

Think of your favourite airline lounge or executive club at a five star hotel and not even they can boast the stunning views out onto the Arabian Gulf. Meanwhile, if it’s a change in working environment you seek, we have provided a variety of work stations, open meeting spaces and comfortable seating options. Alternatively, indulge your senses in a plethora of food and beverage choices, whether your are looking for a quick light snack on the move or something more substantial to get you through the day without ever needing to leave The District Tower.

If you like to start or finish your day in the gym, we have that covered too, as well as providing relaxation and massage chairs for a powerful but effective moment of de-stressing.

Part of the club level can be especially configured for private meetings or presentations, with dedicated catering on demand. Your business needs are our business at The District Tower.